Activaire is a music services agency specializing in design and deployment of background music and video for global brands.

Background Music Service

Activaire's core service is curating and broadcasting background music for branded locations. Activaire establishes and maintains a unique Audio Brand for each client, which informs the direction for each client's background music service programming. Activaire is available worldwide, and is currently broadcasting throughout North America, South America, Europe, Central and East Asia, Africa, and Australia. Activaire enhances brand image and association and contributes to greater end-consumer sales and employee satisfaction and productivity in retail environments.

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Video and Digital Signage

Activaire offers video broadcast and digital signage in all territories where Activaire is available. We deliver custom, streamlined solutions that are visually inspiring, and easy to maintain. Informed by the latest advances in screen technology and over 30 years of experience, our team of visual experts approaches each project with a fresh eye.

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Audio Messaging

Activaire produces custom messaging. Whether you want to alert your customers to the location of services and products, assert your brand with a signature audio signal, or have a celebrity beam in overhead to lend an endorsement, Activaire will produce and broadcast your messaging program.

DJ Programs

Having a live DJ perform is a great way to boost the energy and excitement level for a special event. Activaire books inspiring DJs for regularly scheduled appearances, or one-off events. Activaire handles all aspects of live DJ events, including booking, sound rental, and equipment maintenance.

Brand Experience and Event Production

Brands come to life through shared experience, and music is integral to experiential marketing. With over 20 years of experience working directly with talent, management and production teams, we are experts at design, organization, booking and execution. Respected as tastemakers with an uncanny ability to levy talent that matches a brand's goals, Activaire produced events are compellng.

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Music Supervision

The ever-expanding realm of digital media continuously offers opportunities for the creative use of music for branded initiatives. Activaire curates and licenses music for multiple platforms, including commercials, online initiatives, and social media.

Interactive Product Development

The future of retail is interactive. Activaire plans and designs all aspects of online presence from websites to apps. Activaire's "mobile first" projects engage shoppers to reinforce and extend the brand experience beyond the walls and borders of brick and mortar locations. We create a commerce-based consumer experience, which translates to your brand's omnichannel strategy. The result is a culturally relevant and unified brand experience, which resonates with consumers.