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Activaire utilizes a powerful combination of science, art and culture to reinforce brand identity and message. Activaire projects span from dedicated broadcast, to commercial supervision, online marketing campaigns, fashion show soundtracks, and live music event series production. We connect fans to brands.

Activaire was founded in 1999 with the goal of deploying music as a tangible, fluid, and culturally potent design element. The name "Activaire" refers to the phenomenon of how a sound wave displaces air particles as its energy passes through the atmosphere. Sound is a perceptible atmospheric element; invisible yet audible.

Activaire’s philosophy

Music comes first at Activaire. Frankly speaking, we are music obsessed designers. With music culture savvy and the latest advances in technology as our toolset, we are constantly striving to push the boundaries of customer engagement. We approach each new client project as an opportunity to satisfy the common and unique challenges of day to day operations.

Brands play a consummate role in the landscape of pop culture, and they can affect our daily lives in wonderful and positive ways. The decisions that brands make can shape cities and steer social norms. The culture of a brand becomes the culture its consumers, and music is one of the most powerful brand touch points. At Activaire, we believe that the strength of a brand comes from its uniqueness, so we design every playlist to be one-of-a-kind, culturally potent and environment-aware.

Core team

Lara Wiesenthal


Lara founded Activaire in 1999, with the goal of using music to define space and address its social program. Lara currently leads New Business Initiatives at Activaire. Lara holds a BArch from Pratt Institute. She is trained in classical music, ballet, and studied modern dance with Garth Fagan Dance Theatre. Prior to founding Activaire, Lara worked formally in architecture. Her resume includes Junior Architect at Ehrenkrantz, Eckstut & Kuhn, Corporate Interior Architect at Alan Gaynor Design, and an internship with Michael Graves Associates.

Adesh Deosaran

CEO/Creative Director

Adesh is a founding partner of Activaire. Adesh oversees all departments, and leads Creative Direction. Adesh studied architecture from an early age at School of Art and Design. Adesh continued architecture studies at Pratt Institute, and shifted focus to web architecture and digital design. Adesh's professional experience includes Creative Director at Netomat Interactiv, Web Architect at Plumb Design, and Architect at Montroy Andersen.