Digital Signage and A/V

Activaire Studio

Audio/Visual Solutions

Activaire Studio provides full Audio/Visual installation and field support services. Our comprehensive services cover digital signage, video-wall, and audio systems.

Digital signage has become a necessity for the modern business. We view video screens as a simple yet powerful design element. Simplicity is critical, far too often, digital signage solutions are overly complicated, infrastructure-intensive, and expensive. We believe digital signage should be integral to the design of every store in your fleet and to do this, we suggest elegant and straightforward configurations that can scale for any store type.


System Design & Engineering

Our projects range from speaker installations to large-scale video walls to custom screen sizes and shapes. Our engineers work closely with your architecture, operations, and visual teams to develop an AV system which integrates seamlessly into your store experience. We create a series of layouts based on your various store types and footprints. Proper design and engineering will ensure on-schedule, on-budget, and safe deployments.



Our relationships with major hardware manufacturers and distributors allow us to source AV hardware in key markets worldwide. We provide full transparency on all costs of goods for each project and are continually reviewing components to ensure we are offering you competitive pricing and up-to-date technology.

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Construction Management and Installation

We firmly believe that the success our AV installations relies heavily on our construction management team’s ability to coordinate and schedule the many trades and managers involved in each project. From the initial proposal to the music and video being turned on, our team is with you every step of the way to manage timelines, meet deadlines and handle any unforeseen challenges.


Maintenance and Support

Our network of support technicians can be dispatched to anywhere in the United States and many markets around the world. Whether we installed the system or not, we can provide you with service on all components of your AV system. Our helpdesk works with your team to troubleshoot the issue. If the problem cannot be solved over the phone, a technician is dispatched within 24 hours. If hardware needs to be replaced, our procurement team will arrange the purchase and shipping of the required components. Our goal is to get your music or video back up as quickly as possible.


Content Management

We work with all major content management platforms or our proprietary apps to schedule, format and deploy updates to your video and digital signage content.

Your visual assets should be up-to-date with your current campaigns. We work with all major content management platforms to schedule, format and deploy updates to your video and digital signage content. Activaire prides itself on our ability to be able to updates content across all screen configurations at all of your locations. If you have a special event in a specific location, we will trigger content for the event. Content will revert to regular programming as soon as the party is over.