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Cafeteria NYC

Cafeteria You Are You Eat

Client: Cafeteria
Date: December 22, 2013
Category: Restaurant

Activaire curates the music for one of NYC’s most iconic restaurants.  Cafeteria is considered to be a “Cultural Landmark” for NYC club goers. Cafeteria is open 24 hours, 7 days a week, catering to Brunch Goers, Business Lunchers, and Late Night Noshers.   Perennially cool, Cafeteria is frequented by NYC’s creative set.  The soundtrack includes clubland classics, fashion forward cuts, and a smattering of trendy gems.

For Cafeteria’s promotional film short”Sexoteria”, Activaire supervised the track “Similar Sense” by the group MITTEN.

  • Music Service
  • Music Supervision