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Deisel Store Spring

Diesel Embracing Music

Client: Diesel
Date: December 27, 2013
Category: Retail

As one of the most influential brands to embrace music initiatives, Diesel holds a very special place in our hearts. After all, many of us were once in-store DJs for Diesel! The brand’s instinct to support hip-hop when it was a burgeoning movement, proved to be valuable. The investment paid off both for Diesel, and for hip-hop. Diesel authentically established itself as culturally relevant, garnering lifelong fans. Meanwhile, the music industry recognizes that Diesel played a pivotal role in promoting hip-hop as ┬áthe soundtrack to aspirational lifestyle, on a global scale.

Activaire has been creating and maintaining music service for Diesel since 2010. Activaire initially serviced the American market, and currently services all global locations operated by Diesel. To the credit of both Diesel and Activaire, the global rollout was accomplished in a matter of weeks from start to finish. Activaire maintains DJ programs, curates music for special events, and maintains the video content strategy in select Diesel locations.

Activaire curated a Little Boots release party at Diesel Soho. The evening of the event preceded Little Boots’ sold out show at the Music Hall of Williamsburg. ┬áThe Diesel event’s RSVP list was maxed out by 3 times within a matter of hours of being announced. The event was announced on the Activaire system, across all Diesel US stores, with a front and back announcement of the album’s new release.
  • Dj Program
  • Live Event Production
  • Music Supervision