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Karim Rashid

Client: Karim Rashid
Date: December 27, 2013
Category: Design

It’s really no surprise that global design figure Karim Rashid embraces music as a design element. “Fluid, and emotionally potent”  can describe both Karim’s work and music itself. Karim and Activaire maintain a dialogue about past present and future music trends as they relate to Karim’s work. Activaire translates this dialogue into music service for Karim’s projects.

Activaire brings “DJ KREEMY” radio to life on Prizeotel’s “mobile first” application. Activaire programmed, developed, delivered, and maintains DJ KREEMY RADIO. Listeners can carry the Prizeotel experience anywhere, and download a monthly mix for their personal collection.

“Activaire and I have collaborated on producing specific audio architecture for my interior design projects. With such professional, brilliant, and enthusiastic neophilliacs called Activaire, we are creating and streaming customized playlists to generate aural ambiences that seamlessly personify the character, brand, and feeling of a space.”—Karim Rashid
  • Interactive
  • Music Service