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Uniqlo 5th Av

Uniqlo Representing New York City Culture

Client: Uniqlo
Date: December 27, 2013
Category: Retail

In 2011, when Uniqlo prepared to open two flagship stores in the most heavily trafficked shopping neighborhoods in New York City, they turned to Activaire for a fully customized music solution. ¬†Fortunately, 2011 was not the beginning of Uniqlo and Activaire’s relationship. Since 2006, Activaire has curated and delivered custom playlists to the NYC Soho flagship store (known for serving 24,000 shoppers on an average Saturday), as well as Uniqlo’s locations in the UK and France.

At over 90,000 square feet, Uniqlo’s 5th Avenue Global flagship store is the largest monobrand retail location in Manhattan. As a foreign brand breaking into New York’s 5th Avenue and 34th St shopping areas, Uniqlo’s marketing teams worked overtime to generate extraordinary levels of awareness. Part of this push was entrusting Activaire to develop the brand sound to reflect the broadening definition of Uniqlo USA, as expressed in their “Made for All” brand philosophy.

Activaire responded by developing a “global palette” of musical selections centering around New York City culture and its enduring influences around the world. The audio brand is reflective of Uniqlo’s values: “simple and essential yet universal, so people can freely combine them with their own unique styles, in any way they choose, every day of the year”. Drawing on Uniqlo’s deep Japanese roots, Activaire produces playlists that are fluidly diverse, challenge conventional thinking, yet ultimately are accessible to everyone.

Activaire creates, produces, and maintains the Uniqlo Audio Brand messaging. Activaire initially found the “voice of Uniqlo” , and created the backing tracks. Acivaire maintains all updates to the product listing. Uniqlo recently asked Activaire to create a dual language audio commercial for radio in both English and Spanish. It was a sheer delight to hear the final product in the taxi coming home from a day of shopping, with our Uniqlo bags in tow.

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“Great, on target taste. Every time I go to our store I see people dancing while they shop. Great, responsive service. Activaire always responds to a problem regardless of its origin, immediately and with the highest degree of professionalism. The Activaire team clearly understands our brand and our customers.”—Jean-Emmanuel Shein
Director of Integration, Fast Retailing
  • Live Event Production
  • Messaging
  • Music Service