Curated Background Music Authentically Expertly Fearlessly Cleverly Curated Background Music Authentically Expertly Fearlessly Cleverly


Selected by humans,

delivered by code.

Music affects people in profound ways, from the advertisements and trailers we see on television and on our computers, right through to the experience we have in the environments we visit every day to shop, eat, drink or work.

Here at Activaire, we understand how people experience music, and we’ve utilized our expertise from the worlds of science and art to create stunning soundtracks.

We’ve worked with companies across 42 different countries, creating an individually tailored streamlined background music service. The music Activaire curates will simultaneously reinforce your brand message and engage with the customer, so they stay on your premises for a longer amount of time.

Activaire offers its clients a truly authentic curation service, with music that is selected by humans and delivered by code. We’re bringing the forefront of technology to background music, creating something beautiful that will excite everyone who walks through your door.

How does music bring brand experience to life?

Music triggers an emotional response within nanoseconds of being heard, and that emotion becomes associated with the brand. It’s a powerful element!

Music has different effects depending on the size of an audience. Your music program should take into account the fluctuations in your foot traffic throughout the day and week.

Studies show that when music fits an environment the effect is cinematic.  A richly designed setting feels immersive, and people are more likely to relax, settle in and join the experience. 

Activaire Curator

Control your music program

with your IOS or Android device

The Activaire mobile app gives you full playback control of your program. You can make changes to all of your locations, or adjust something at a specific site. You can decide how much access to share with your team,  or simply keep it all to yourself. The choice is yours to make.

Audio / Visual

From soundsystems

to video walls

Activaire offers full Audio Visual systems integration services to support your most daring content strategies. We design and engineer AV configurations and provide full project management.This includes procurement of equipment, management of the installation during construction, and a maintenance and support plan for the systems which we install.

About Activaire

Activaire was founded in 1999 at the intersection of architecture and design with an unrelenting passion for music. Our playlists are hand-crafted to tell the stories of and spark curiosity in the brands that we work with. As a part of the designed environment, the music we curate sets the scene. If a customer is so engaged with the selection that they wait for the next song then we’ve done our job.
Every aspect of our company is dedicated to the discovery and sharing of music.
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