Slide Audio Layer Hi,
I'm Activaire Curator.
I'm a mobile app.
You can download me for
IOS and Android devices.
I provide total control
of your background music
program right from
your phone.
I'll let you know
what's playing
right now
Love it?
Hate it?
Just let me know
Turn it up!
or turn it down.
I can run on
autopilot or...
You can
select a
Change the vibe... ...when the moment
calls for something
Control all
all of your zones
or locations
right here.

Activaire Curator connects with your Activaire Epicentre media player and puts the control of your music program into the palm of your hands.
Using Curator on your iOS or Android mobile device you can:

  • Control all of your zones or locations
  • See what’s playing
  • Adjust the volume
  • “Like or “Dislike” songs. The “Dislike” button will remove the song from your rotation.
  • Start a playlist or “scene.”
  • Toggle back to “Auto Mode.” When on Auto, playback will follow a schedule created by your dedicated music curator. The schedule allows for different types of music/tempos to be played during your various dayparts.

The Epicentre is your music hub. Located in your audio rack, the Epicentre communicates with our cloud servers via Ethernet or WiFi and connects to your audio system via a standard audio cable. Installation is easy, and you’ll be up and running in a matter of minutes. Music is stored on the Epicentre so you won’t have outages if your internet connection goes down.  You can control your Epicentre with Activaire Curator from your iOS or Android mobile device.  The Epicentre contacts our servers on a nightly basis for music updates. Content is added/removed from our playlists on a weekly basis. Activaire’s background music program does not support BYOD (Bring Your Own Device). We provide full technical support for our players and can remotely access them to provide immediate troubleshooting and issue resolution.


Install Activaire Curator

on your phone or tablet.

iOS and Android supported.