Background Music

Background Music

It may be called Background Music, but your music is one of the first elements which are perceived when someone walks through your doors. Whether we realize it or not, our ears are always open and processing sound. Humans are musical by nature, and it has been scientifically proven that music elicits an emotional response within nanoseconds of being heard.

Music is saturated with cultural context, so it adds a thick layer of meaning on top of brand messaging. Your music program expands your brand’s narrative, and speaks volumes about your market position.  Music also works in concert with dynamic atmospheric elements like light, color, and foot traffic.

Activaire is the authority in gauging the nuances of music’s cultural implications, and we are passionate about the art and science of how music impacts brand experience. Each song presents an opportunity to tell your story and spark curiosity about your brand. When your music communicates your brand’s signature values, and augments spatial perception, your brand experience has a magnetic appeal.


Playlists & Scenes

Activaire creates a musical profile which is then developed into a program with a suite of Playlists and Scenes. Playlists are curated to tell your brand story exclusively. Scenes are designed to evoke a specific vibe, cultural setting or experience; they are the broader strokes that tell the story of culture at large, whereas Playlists are curated specifically to tell your brand story. When you have an event, or a new design concept, or maybe a pop-up for a collaboration, scenes are a quick way to add a new dimension with music. Combined, Playlists and Scenes provide a multitude of options of genres, tempos, and styles which tell your story dynamically.



Each of your locations can have a distinct playback schedule based on its unique foot traffic and customer volume. The vibe can change based on the time of day, the day of week and season. You can maintain a consistent music program across all of your locations or adjust the content based on region, neighborhood or specific property. Holiday or special event playlists can be scheduled in advance or triggered when needed via the Activaire Curator mobile app. Volume levels can be programmed to increase or decrease at desired times.



Our background music programs run on music and scheduling criteria that we design with you. Your staff can interact with your music program as little or as much as you prefer. You can have it run on auto-pilot or grant access to members of your team to allow them to control the music in their locations using the Activaire Curator mobile app. Within the app, you can interactively adjust the music or return to auto mode.



Our Epicentre media players are programmed to play music 24/7 with or without a network connection. If music ever goes out, simply contact our support team via our ticketing system, email or just pick up the phone and call us. We troubleshoot the issue by remotely accessing the media player. In most cases, we can work with your staff to restore the music within a few minutes. If the problem stems from the audio system or other hardware, we can dispatch a technician to help you get back up and running typically within 24 hours. We provide field support for audio systems installed by Activaire or your existing audio system.


Why is curation so important?

We live in a time where we have exponentially more choices to make than we did ten years ago. We have the entire history of music, film, literature, and art available to us to browse at any time or in any place. We also have multiple channels to access new content. When faced with this abundance of choice, we often don’t know where to start or if to start at all. We default to the most popular or heavily promoted options.

Curation provides the framework for establishing context. When we curate we select and arrange a group of things to define an idea or tell a story.  The story is what draws us in and as it lingers in our minds, telling us to return.

You know those stores where people start lining up at midnight? The stores where the line wraps around the block? Well, not surprisingly, those brands have incredibly compelling stories. They curate every aspect of their presence to communicate, evolve and strengthen their message.

How does this relate to your business?

Every brand has a story. Sometimes it is clearly defined, and other times we have to dig in and find it, but it’s always there. Activaire uses music to reinforce, retell and expand your story. Our curated playlists take shape by examining contextual elements in your narrative. We use these cues to establish a framework from which we select and arrange songs to tell your brand’s signature story.